About Dan Egger-Belandria


Medellín Bike Tour is all about living an authentic, passionate life.

Before moving to Medellín in early 2012, I lived in Austin, Texas (U.S.) for 5 years and worked as a musician and multicultural performer.  As you can see through the links below, art and culture have driven my personal and professional pursuits for decades.

Biking was one of my first passions. As a 13-year-old BMX racer, I caught the fever for riding that has ultimately transcended all other professional desires. Biking has become a lifestyle that contributes to my physical and mental acuity, environmental awareness and youthful adventure.

My mission for Medellín Bike Tour is to combine my youthful passion for biking with my respect for Colombian culture and attraction to Medellín. I’m proud to live here and I want to share the “other side” of this urban playground – its history, architecture, art, culture and of course, the Andean landscape that is christened with perfect year-round weather.  I love our “City of Eternal Spring” and I take great pride in sharing Medellín Bike Tour with all who will join me for a ride!

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About Carlos Andres Cadavid


"I love to share the story of Medellín while meeting people from throughout the world."

Carlos is a native “Paisa” and has been exploring Antioquia on his bike for many years. In 2014, he joined Dan to continue what he has always loved – riding his bike for recreation but also as a means of transportation to grow his own enterprise called Butter Cookies.

When Dan is out, Carlos is the most frequent Medellín Bike Tour guide, and shares great passion and pride in his work, as you can see through Tripadvisor reviews. In his own words above, “I love to share the story of Medellín while meeting people from throughout the world.”